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We are dedicated to empowering individuals like you with the necessary tools, cutting-edge resources, and unparalleled support to embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a highly skilled and proficient forex trader. We understand that the world of forex trading can seem daunting, but with our comprehensive and user-friendly approach, we aim to demystify the complexities, enabling you to navigate the markets with confidence and finesse.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulously crafted easy-to-replicate trading strategy that we have honed over the years. This strategy is the result of countless hours of research, analysis, and practical application, designed specifically to maximize your potential for success in the dynamic forex landscape. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced trader seeking to enhance your skills, our strategy can cater to your needs and aspirations.

Joining our community grants you access to an unparalleled array of educational resources that cover a wide spectrum of forex-related topics. From fundamental principles and technical analysis to risk management and trading psychology, our comprehensive course will equip you with the knowledge and expertise required to make informed decisions in every trading situation. We firmly believe that education is the cornerstone of success in forex trading, and we are committed to ensuring that you have all the necessary resources at your disposal.

Our academy is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s also about fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. When you become a part of our community, you gain access to a vibrant network of fellow traders and seasoned mentors. The collective wisdom and experience within our community will serve as a guiding light throughout your trading journey, providing valuable insights, constructive feedback, and encouragement when you need it the most.


Unlock Your Big Shot trading potentials with Preshforex Academy

Preshforex academy is a forex made easy academy that trade, educate and mentor beginners, intermediate to become professional traders.


Promote Financial literacy and equip traders with the needed tool to scale in Forex trading.


We are committed to providing our students with the best trading experience possible and we remain at the cutting edge of the industry.


Encouraging traders and students with potential with needed tools, gifts and matches to become pros and achieve their financial goals.

About us

Meet Precious

Precious Paul popularly known as Preshbae is the richest female trader in Nigeria, she is the CEO of PreshForex Academy. With over 5 years of experience trading the Foreign Exchange Market.

She started PreshForex Academy as a means of helping African youths gain financial freedom legally.


Precious Paul

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PreshForex Academy is a specialized forex education platform that offers comprehensive resources and support to individuals aspiring to become skilled and proficient forex traders. We provide cutting-edge tools and strategies to help traders succeed in the dynamic forex market.

At PreshForex Academy, we offer a diverse range of courses covering various aspects of forex trading. Our courses include fundamental analysis, technical analysis, risk management, trading psychology, and more. Each course is designed to equip traders with essential knowledge and skills for successful trading.

Absolutely! PreshForex Academy caters to traders of all levels, including beginners. Our courses start from the basics and gradually progress to more advanced topics, ensuring that even those new to forex trading can learn and thrive in the market.

Our instructors are highly experienced and seasoned forex traders. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to the courses, providing valuable insights and real-world examples to enhance the learning experience.

Yes, PreshForex Academy fosters a vibrant and supportive community for its students. Upon enrollment, students gain access to a network of fellow traders and mentors, offering a collaborative environment where they can share ideas, seek advice, and stay motivated throughout their trading journey.

Enrolling in our courses is simple and straightforward. Visit our website and browse through the available courses. Choose the ones that best suit your needs and goals, make payment. Once enrolled, you can start learning and exploring the exciting world of forex trading with PreshForex Academy’s guidance and expertise.